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  AZIPILOT Published Deliverables

1.1 Review of available hydrodynamic knowledge

1.2 Review of existing modelling & test methods for azimuth devices                  

1.3 Review of existing modelling & test methods       

1.4 Review of existing modelling validation methods & available data       

1.5 Encapsulate knowledge through up to date mathematical model

1.6 Summarise modelling & test methods' capabilities

1.7, 2.7, 3.7 & 4.7 Assimilate cross-disciplinary knowledge across all Work Packages

1.8 Identify best practice for manoeuvring test procedures

1.9 Compile Dedicated Engineering Lecture Series

1.10 Map out the landscape of future R&D


2.1 Review of ability to simulate azimuthing devices

D2.2 Review of existing ship simulator capabilities        

2.3 Review of ability to simulate azimuthing device interactions      

2.4 Review of ability to model bridge systems and human interface

2.5 Encapsulate knowledge using 'task analysis' feedback

2.6 Summarise simulation capabilities

2.8 Implement obtained knowledge in development plan

2.9 Feasibility of publication of dedicated project journal

2.10 Map out the landscape of future R&D


3.1 Review training needs and requirements for azimuth devices       

3.2 Review of existing training facilities and capacity      

3.3 Review of the human physical and behavioural components

3.4 Review of bridge systems and the human interface                 

3.5 Encapsulate knowledge using integration and evaluation exercise

3.6 Summarise training capabilities and needs        

3.8 Integrate knowledge through Advisory Committee

3.9 Integrate knowledge by recommending training programs

3.10 Map out the landscape of future R&D


4.1 Review of existing recommendations, criteria & their application        

4.2 Review of existing operational practice

4.3 Review of accident & incident reports

4.4 Review of bridge operational practice & the human interface

4.5 Encapsulate knowledge using integration & evaluation exercise        

4.6 Summarise current operational practice and limitations

4.8 Recommendations to improve current operational practice

4.9 Recommendations for specific regulations & criteria    

4.10 Map out the landscape of future R&D


Midterm Report

Click here to view a summary  of the AZIPILOT Midterm Report

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