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Project Planning

The project will run for three years after kicking-off.  The General Coordination activities will, of course, run throughout the project.  The Dissemination Activities will start an the project mid-term and run until the project concludes while the Exploitation Activities will be focused in the final year.  More generally, the project is organised into the four Phases.  Phase 1 covers the REVIEW Activities, starting with the project Kick-off and continues until Month 18. Phase 2 will SUMMARIZE the work performed in Phase 1, starting in Month 15 and continuing until Month 27.  Phase 3 will ASSIMILATE the project results and starts in Month 24; concluding in month 33.  Finally, Phase 4 deals with the IMPACT, starts in Month 30 and concludes at the end of the project (expected at Month 36).


  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

General Coordination


Dissemination Activities


Exploitation Activities


Phase 1 - Review


Phase 2 - Summarize


Phase 3 - Assimilate


Phase 4 - Impact



In order to run the project effectively and democratically, the management structure of the project consists of an overall Project Coordinator, supported by a Steering Committee and five Work Package Leaders, which are supported by numerous Task Leaders in each WP.  This simple but effective management structure is given below where the roles of each unit in this management structure are given.

The communication policy of the project strives for free and open discussion and exchange of data between all partners.  To better facilitate this communication, some structure is given by the inclusion of a defined, but not exclusive, direction of information flow; including and iterative loop. This open-form iterative-spiral allows for the flexible transfer of information between all contributing parties while at the same time having a clearly defined direction of information-flow.



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